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Self-Care for Therapists

Therapists!! We are entering our busiest season. Let's take a moment to remember the self-care we need to keep ourselves going! As therapists we hear so often that we need to do self-care.  It comes in the same sentence as a long list of things to add to our to-do list.  From school to supervision to independent practice, self-care is a concept we know should be integrating into our daily lives. But for some reason, this seems to always get pushed off till tomorrow. 

dbt hierarchy of targets
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What Topics to Prioritize In Therapy?!

Does it sometimes feel like you don’t know how to prioritize everything going on in your life? Especially when you are in your therapy session, it might feel like there is so much to talk about. Is can be frustrating if your therapist focuses on a different aspect than what your emotions are wanting to focus on. When using DBT, there is a hierarchy of targets that help guide a single therapy session. This same hierarchy also guides the overall process of therapy. The reason behind this hierarchy is to create progress in therapy that focuses on the highest acuity issues. We must stabilize these "targets" prior to dealing with any other issues brought to therapy.

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Group Supervision for Therapists in Maryland

Ever feel like everyone else is handling this career smoothly and you are drowning? Ever wonder if other areas of social work have similar difficulties and successes? Why does a career that is all about connecting with people feel isolating at times? Group supervision is one way to combat these things. Well, I'm here to tell you not only why it's so important, but what it should feel like when you have GOOD group supervision!

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Finding the Right Therapist: Part 2

You might be relieved to know that more than any other factor, the quality of the relationship has the most significant impact on positive therapeutic outcomes. In other words, your alliance and the agreement on goals is the most important factor. This leads me to 4 qualities to be on the look-out for when finding a therapist.

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Thoughts On White Allyship

Let me start by saying I am not an expert on Social Justice issues. I, like many of you may be, am on my own racial identity path and allyship journey. I'm striving to be an ally to my neighbors, friends, and colleagues of color. I am striving to listen, educate myself, speak up in my white spaces, and take action towards change. This is not easy and it takes intentionality. The important part is not letting the fear of getting it wrong prevent me from doing something. Hence, I share my thoughts in this blog even if it is not perfect.