Parenting LGBTQIA+ Youth: An Educational Support Group

Does your child identify as part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community?

Are you feeling lost, sad, angry, confused, awkward and/or caught off-guard regarding your child’s gender and/or sexual identity?

Do you find yourself craving guidance and tools to support your family’s gender and sexuality exploration?

A Group for Parents of LGBTQIA+ Identifying Youth

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In this group, parents will gain psychoeducation and guidance in order to more effectively support their children and teens through gender and sexuality exploration. Group leader Samantha Gregg creates a safe space to ask questions and explore relevant topics that you may be unsure how to address. Simultaneously, she role-models an affirming stance to gender and sexual identity though group conversation. Samantha, along with support from other group members, will help you gain a deeper understanding of how to best support your child regarding their gender, sexuality, and accompanying mental health barriers. If you want to protect and/or repair your relationship with your 2SLGBTQIA+ child, this group is fo you!

2SLGBTQIA+  youth are not appearing, they are emerging.”

Lotus Do, MSW LCSW, California

How do I know if this group is right for me?

  • Your child expresses their gender and/or sexuality in non-traditional and/or non-conforming ways.
  • Your child has come out to you as identifying as 2SLGBTQIA+ (two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, non-binary, etc).
  • You suspect your child identifies as 2SLGBTQIA+ and you want to be ready if/when they choose to share this with you.
  • You feel unsure how to refer to your child across various contexts and environments.
  • You want to create a safe environment to discuss gender and sexuality in your family in order to feel more connected and open.
  • You want to support your child’s identity but don’t know how.
  • You are willing to grow and be challenged towards finding an affirming approach within your family.

What topics will be covered in the Parenting LGBTQIA+ Youth group?

Each particular group session will include some or all of the topics listed. Over the course of ongoing participation, you may repeat topics from unique angles, especially as group members offer their own lived experiences and perspectives.

  • Educating about gender development and evolution over the years.
  • Exploring personal identity and our assumptions about gender and sexuality.
  • Discussing the correlations between identity and trauma, and its effect on children.
  • Establishing ways to support your 2SLGBTQIA+ child and their siblings in order to increase protective factors for the family.
  • Practicing acceptance and detachment from a particular vision of the future.
  • Building community and connection with parents in similar circumstances.
  • Promoting awareness and advocacy opportunities for parents of 2SLGBTQIA+ youth.
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FAQs about the Parenting LGBTQIA+ Youth Group

When will the group meet? Mondays from 12pm to 1pm. Eating lunch during group is both welcomed and encouraged!

When can I enroll in the group? We offer rolling entry so you can reach out to us anytime!

Where will the group meet? Virtual via HIPAA compliant Googlemeets. You must be physically located in either the state of Maryland or Pennsylvania to participate.

What age does my kid have to be for this group to be applicable? It does not matter! Belonging and affirmation is needed at every age!

What’s the Commitment? We ask for a 4-week committment and plan to renew that commitment every 4 weeks until you tell us otherwise.

What’s the Investment? For one caregiver the group costs $70/week, charged as $280 every 4 weeks. For two caregivers the group costs $95/week, charged as $380 every 4 weeks. We also require a 30-minute intake session with the group leader, charged at $115.

Can I get a discount if we receive other services with MCCC? Yes!! If you or your child are receiving additional services with us, you will receive a 15% off discount in the form of a credit to your account to be applied to future invoices. Also, we will waive the requirement of an intake session. Instead, we ask for a a 5-15 minute orientation call with the group leader, charged at $40.

Enroll in the Parenting LGBTQIA+ Youth Group Today!

If you are interested in joining our group, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact us by email to let us know that you are interested!
  2. Our intake intake specialist will connect with you, send enrollment paperwork, and schedule your intake appointment with the group leader.
  3. Fill out your registration paperwork online.
  4. Attend your scheduled intake appointment.
  5. Join the group subsequent group session!!

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