Online Therapy in Maryland & Online therapy in Washington DC

You live in the Maryland or DC area and want to do therapy without sitting in rush hour traffic on 270 or 495. You want to see a therapist from the comfort of your own home at a time that works well within your busy schedule.

To be honest, before Covid-19, we were not huge proponents of online therapy. But once we made the transition out of necessity, we realized that there are some really valuable benefits to online therapy. And now that this is our way of working, it’s hard to envision ever eliminating the option. We are living proof that people can change and evolve!

Benefits of Online Therapy

  • woman sits in front of her laptop on her bed, she looks at her computer contemplating beginning online therapy in Maryland. Montgomery County Counseling offers online therapy in Virginia, online therapy in DC and online therapy in Maryland to help adults, teens, couples, children, and families, succeed. Contact an online therapist todayEasier scheduling: This is especially helpful when coordinating multiple family members
  • Family therapy can be done even if everyone doesn’t live in the same household.
  • No travel time means therapy only takes 50 minutes out of your day instead of 90+
  • Consistency: you can see a therapist even if life prevents you from coming into the counseling clinic.
  • Continuity of care: You can maintain a relationship with your therapist even if you move
  • Finding a therapist who specializes in treating your specific mental health concerns without geography being an obstacle.
  • Feel more relaxed and authentic in the comfort of your own space.
  • Your therapist gets real-time data and observation into your life in a way that helps therapy progress faster

MCCC offers online therapy as an option for any type of client* so long as it is clinically effective.

Online therapy is most effective with adults and couples. We have found it to be effective with teens and older kids as well, depending on their personality and risk levels. Also, online family therapy can be effective for families who are not extremely volatile. In fact, research shows that in many cases online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy.

No matter who you are, beginning to heal is better than staying stuck. We will do our best to problem-solve working online with children, riskier teens, and complicated families. Your therapist will make recommendations about how to make telehealth feasible if it is the only option (especially right now during Covid-19).

*Online therapy at MCCC is an option for clients located anywhere in the state of Maryland. Some of our clinicians are licensed to provide online therapy with clients in either DC and Delaware.*

Protecting Your Privacy During Online Therapy Sessions

Black man sits at his computer while meeting with an online therapist from Montgomery County Counseling who offers online therapy in Virginia, online therapy in Maryland, and Online therapy in DC

Our therapists are dedicated to protecting your privacy if you choose to do online therapy. All of the same privacy standards that we would keep in the office are upheld in any of our home offices. We use HIPAA compliant software and HIPAA compliant video platforms. In other words, our therapists take your privacy seriously whether we’re meeting online or in person.

If you worry about finding privacy within your own space, just let us know during intake! That can be one of the first things we work on so that we can help to make online therapy accessible to you. This may mean using white noise to make sure other family members or roommates can’t hear you or finding a space to talk that’s private.

Online Therapy with MCCC is Different from Other National Telehealth Companies

While we do have specialties across a wide range of mental health needs, we are not a “catch-all” general online therapy platform where we farm you out to unknown therapists. You get to choose who you work with based on fit and availability just like you would if you were meeting with us in-person. All our compassionate online therapists will work hard at forming a meaningful therapeutic relationship with you. And we are not just an online crisis program; we will first help you stabilize your mood, and then we will help you to move forward towards your goals!

Services we offer via online therapy include:

Begin Online Therapy in Maryland or Washington DC:

female in glasses reads her email during work hours, she went to online family therapy with an online therapist at Montgomery County Counseling who offers online therapy in Virginia, online therapy in Maryland, and online therapy in Washington DCNow, you don’t have to worry about the barriers preventing you from getting counseling, online therapy makes it easier and more convenient than ever to get high-quality mental health support with a supportive and skilled online therapist. To begin online therapy in Maryland, D.C. or Delaware, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Montgomery County Counseling Center 
  2. Schedule an intake appointment with an online therapists
  3. Begin online therapy and work on bettering your mental health by working on the issues that matter most to you.

Other Therapy Services at Montgomery County Counseling Center

Our Rockville, MD counseling center is located near Washington DC and offers a variety of therapy services for the entire family. Our mental health services include dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)parent coachingfamily therapy, child therapy, teen therapy, and adult therapy, couples counseling. Our sister company also offers an online parenting class for parents of struggling teens or young adults. Also, we provide supervision opportunities for mental health professionals seeking their professional license. Reach out to our counseling clinic to learn more about the many ways we can help you or your family heal and thrive.

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