Now Hiring Therapists

Now Hiring Child, Teen, Couple, Family, or RO-DBT Therapists

Our Maryland counseling clinic is looking for therapists who are the right fit for our practice.

We are always hiring therapists who are a good fit with our mission and values.

Our most immediate needs are for experienced therapists with extensive work with children and teens. The perfect fit is someone who is training in DBT or RO-DBT, has experience with with struggling children, teens, and young adults and/or can do family work and parent coaching.

The ideal candidate is self-driven, motivated, independent, communicative, enthusiastic, and direct. Our therapists must be able to maintain strong boundaries with difficult families. A clinical interest and experience with evidence-based therapies with a behavioral focus (ex: DBT, CBT, Gottman Method Couples Therapy) is a must! Candidate must hold an active Maryland license in a counseling field. Additional licenses in DC or VA would be cherries on top!

Any MCCC team member must be affirming of all people and families to be considered.

If this isn’t exactly a fit but you are still interested in working at MCCC, we are always open to conversation and networking for potential opportunities. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out!

diversity hands in shape of a light blub next to the word team representing Montgomery County Counseling Center's commitment to hiring a diverse therapist in Rockville, MD

Reasons Why Being a Therapist at MCCC is Awesome!

We offer a team approach without the bureaucracy

At MCCC we value working together. Because we work with the whole system, it is not uncommon for one clinician on our team to work with an individual while another works with the parents or family or siblings, etc. Not only is this better for the clients, but it’s a great way to feel less isolated in private practice.

Our practice offers creative encouragement

If you have a dream to run a particular group or try out a new idea, Laura is 100% behind you. She will help harness your creativity, imagination, and interest into a practical reality. So, don’t let anything stop you from asking!

We’ll help you find and treat your ideal clients

Find your niche with us! We will never force you into taking a case you are not comfortable with. We will provide you with a stream of clients. And, we will support your efforts to network and market you for the niche you want to build!

Coaching, Consultation, and Supervision

We want to help you grow and learn! Laura is always available to support you, within 2-3 hours. Whether you have clinical questions or logistical ones, she is here to help! We can arrange for either formal or informal support based on your preference.

Our therapy practice values inclusion and social justice

MCCC strongly values equal humans rights and supports social justice efforts. We are inclusive to all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other identifying factor! We constantly strive to put these words into actions. The BIPOC Therapy Fund is one example of our commitment to actionable change.

As a therapist, you will have flexibility of hours use of our comfortable and homey office spaces

  • Olney Therapy Office
  • Rockville Therapy Office
  • MCCC Rockville Office Waiting Room
  • MCCC Olney Office Waiting Room

With offices in Olney & Rockville, and the increasing use of telehealth, we can work together to create a schedule that fits all your needs. 

We are currently operating on hybrid system during COVID. While our values and goals are to be primarily in-perosn, we will still support telehealth when it is appropriate and helpful for the client and/or necessary for safety.

Every office in MCCC is furnished and has windows. Our office feels more like a living room than a therapy suite and that just how we like it! Coffee, tea, and water are available to clients and clinicians. Office pups make rare but adorable appearances!

Competitive Compensation And Benefits for Therapists

Employees (yes, we have w2’s not 1099s) are paid fairly! That means fair fee splits with regular room for growth, pay for staff meetings, 401k matching, CEU reimbursement and more! After all, we value the mental health of our mental health providers!

Therapy Services Offered at Montgomery County Counseling Center

Although our immediate need is for a child  and family therapist, we offer a variety of other therapy services at our Rockville, MD counseling center including:

Apply Today to Become a Therapist at MCCC

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If all of this sounds great to you, consider joining us!

  1. Check out the rest of our website and blogs to learn about our services!
  2. Email your resume to Laura Goldstein. Make sure to include your current state licensure, whether you are looking for a full or part-time caseload and your clinical specialties and areas of interest. Then, Laura will reach out to schedule a zoom meeting
  3. If it feels like a mutual fit, we can get you onboarded ASAP

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