Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Has the stress of life (work, parenting, extended family, money, etc) taken a toll on your marriage? 

Have you been feeling distant with your partner?  

Maybe you’ve been arguing more lately.

Or maybe not often, but when you it’s unproductive. The problem never gets resolved and it feels like your on the same loop every time.

Or maybe you’ve been avoiding conflict which has resulted in dissatisfaction and your needs not being met. 

Whether you are experiencing minor tensions or major relationship problems, couples therapy can help. Just like any other health health concern, the earlier you get help for your relationship, the better the outcome!

Common Concerns We See in Couples Therapy

There’s a wide range of couples concerns we address at MCCC. The list is not all inclusive.

  • General Relationship Dissatisfaction
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication skills
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Concerns about time, sex, and money (the 3 most common issues in couples)
  • Differences in parenting styles
  • Trouble with in-laws or other family
  • Substance use affecting the relationship
  • Difference in Values
  • Decisions about whether or not to have children
  • Blended family concerns
  • Intimacy Concerns
  • Copdependency

Why Choose Couples Counseling At MCCC in Rockville Maryland

distant couple in need of couples counseling in marylandCouples need help addressing the process (the how) of their conflict just as much than the content (the what). With guided help to improve communication skills in relationships, you will be better able to handle any obstacle that could come your way. We hope to balance both your content and process needs in therapy. This means we will use your “topics of the week” to teach healthier communication skills. 

Our ultimate goal is to teach your to address any relationship problems with healthy tools. That way you don’t need us anymore! Basically we WANT to work ourselves out a job!

What To Expect When You Begin Couples Counseling at our Maryland Clinic 

A standard couples therapy intake and assessment process is 4 sessions long.

    1. Joint session discussing relationship history, strengths and concerns and goals
    2. Partner #1 individual session to explore personal and family history
    3. Partner #2 individual session to explore personal and family history
    4. Join session where your therapist will give you feedback on your relationships  strengths and areas of opportunity and present you with a treatment plan moving forward.

gottman couples method, the sound relationship house modelAfter that 4th session, you and your partner will decide if you would like to begin the counseling process. This is where the work truly begins. Based on your treatment plan, we will explore the different areas of your relationship. We will teach skills to reinforce your foundation. Read more about the Gottman Sound Relationship House.

Ongoing work will include worksheets, in-session practice conversations, and some self-regulating work as well. We weave in DBT skills for that. You have to be able to soothe your own emotions to be able to show up effectively with your partner.

Once you feel that your couple’s goals are met, we will discuss how you can go about maintenance. We’ll decide together whether or not that includes ongoing therapy.

Get Started with Couples Counseling As Soon As Possible

There is no perfect time to start. But we know that the soon the better. It is always easier to treat relationship problems as early as possible to minimize future damage.

What Couples Have Said About Couples Counseling at MCCC

happy couple after couples counseling in maryland

I like how we started off by asking us about the history of our relationship. It helped my husband and I share the good beginnings at the start of our work together. My husband and I now have better boundaries. We are able to listen to each other for the emotion behind the words. We can listen without judgement much better now.

Laura is candid but caring. She helped us identify root cause of issues, work toward tangible solutions, and teach us the skills to be able to identify root cause and find a solution ourselves. Now we can understanding the others perspective in arguments or disagreements.

Looking for another way to help your relationship?

You may be undecided about what you want. Some people don’t know if couples counseling is even going to help. Or if they are committed enough to do the work. Other times people feel that they cannot get their partner on board with couples counseling. In either of these scenarios, individual therapy can be helpful for you! Individual therapy will help you get a sense of what you want and what your options include.

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