Laura Goldstein, LCMFT

Laura Goldstein, mental health speaker and therapist in Rockville, MD. She also offers online therapy in Virginia and Washington DC.

About Therapist Laura Goldstein:

Hello, I’m Laura Goldstein! I am a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist in Rockville MD and the founder of Montgomery County Counseling Center, LLC. My career path in this field started first and foremost because of my passion for family therapy! I truly believe that nothing happens in a vacuum of just one person. Sustainable change happens when the entire system shifts. Therefore, whether or not the entire family is in the therapy space, we must consider the whole family’s relationship dynamics.

Because of this perspective, I can work with individuals, couples, and families alike. I believe that clients are the experts in their own lives. So, my goal is to create a safe and non-judgemental space for them to explore the issues that matter most to them. At the same time, I also believe that clients come to therapy looking for expertise. If what you were doing on your own were working, you wouldn’t be here. Because of this, I take a rather directive approach to helping my clients learn tools to be successful in managing distress or conflict.

Perhaps, you’re wondering, “what is a direct approach to therapy?”

Well, as a therapist I can never tell you what to do or what not to do. But, I can shine a light on some of your patterns and bring attention to the areas where you can make different choices [no matter whatever anyone else around you is doing]. I’m a “no BS” kinda gal. Authenticity is key! This means sometimes hearing the things that are hard to hear, and necessary to hear. And through all of that, my goal is ALWAYS to do so in a safe way that feels supportive, empathic, and non-judgmental.

Any healthy relationship, whether with others or with yourself, has a good balance of empathy and accountability. My goal is for our relationship to be a role model of that very balance so that you can then go replicate that in your own life.

Vision For Montgomery County Counseling Center in Rockville, MD

infographic for Montgomery County Counseling that says child therapy and teen therapy with an arrow to family therapy with an arrow to parent coaching with an arrow to couples counseling with an arrow to adult therapy with an arrow back to child/ teen therapy. Begin counseling in Rockville, MD today

I founded Montgomery County Counseling Center, LLC in 2017 to provide for therapy in Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and the surrounding MOCO community. My mission has always been to provide the right balance of compassionate and skilled therapy. As our team continues to grow, clients and their family members are all able to get help in one place! Our collaborative team approach is rare to find in an outpatient private practice. And because of our strong value of collaboration in treatment, we will strive to be in frequent contact with outside providers too. Above all, we will ensure you get the best care possible!

Passion for Public Speaking

There is such a vital preventative function in getting messages about healthy mental and relationship health out to the masses. I REALLY enjoy teaching and sharing with others in order to make mental health information more digestible. And it needs to come from an engaging HUMAN, not someone who represents distance and an unattainable vision of perfection. It is my very humanity that makes teaching so enjoyable, certainly for me, and hopefully for my audience too!

Authenticity is SO important to me as a therapist. The Laura you sit with during therapy should be the same Laura you see in a presentation should be the same Laura that shows up in my own life. The synthesis of this means you are getting the real-est version of myself in every setting.

Education and Experience as a Therapist

I first got my Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. Then I got my Master’s in Family Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.

While in Philly, I trained at the Council for Relationships. Since then I’ve worked across multiple settings: in-home behavioral health services, adolescent substance use intensive outpatient programs, and an agency for young adults struggling to launch. I have 10 years of experience working in therapy.

In 2015, I was trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) from Behavioral Tech. Since then, I have been weaving DBT into both individual therapy and family therapy. And in 2017 I became Level 1 Certified in The Gottman Couples Method. The Gottman Method combined with some DBT theories is my primary approach to couples counseling.


Personal Life

Meeka, Montgomery County Counseling's therapy dog who provides comfort for all at during counseling in Rockville, MD and online therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

My fur-baby (and occasional office pup) Meeka is my pride and joy! I am a huge Baltimore Sports Fan. I was born and raised on the Orioles and then grew into my Ravens fandom during college. For entertainment, I like broadway musicals and comedy shows, and Taylor Swift. And I’m a shameless reality tv fan. I like good food and hanging out with friends who have become family. And truthfully, I am grateful to REALLY love my job!!

Recently I have begun the process of becoming more educated and aware of social justice. I am seeing how systemic oppression impacts experiences in both my personal and professional life. This has led me to many meaningful discussions. I welcome both clients and professionals to join our discussion on ways to be an ally in antiracism and I promise to create a safe and non-judgmental space when talking about race.

What clients say about working with Laura Goldstein

I not only felt heard but I also felt challenged. I know that there is always work to be done within ourselves and this was an opportunity to absorb. The session was full of insight into the challenges our parenting provides.

“Working with Laura has helped give me perspective on my life and realized that emotions are a normal aspect of ourselves and we should learn to embrace it and live our lives in a balanced and productive way. She is caring, understanding, and challeneges me, which I have never had before in a therapist.”

“I felt that Laura gave fair and equal treatment to both my spouse and me during our sessions. Laura did a fantastic job of modeling boundaries which inspired me to create more of my own at home.”

“Laura was very vigilant about listening to what we as a couple would say and observing our body language. She was fair to both of us and focused in on the main issues in our relationship. Her insights about how we were reacting to each other were not only spot-on, but came to us at a time when we could “hear” them. Also, Laura was skillful in identifying family issues, especially tensions that arose in our relationship arising from issues with how we were relating to our kids.”

Want to Work with Laura Goldstein?

Ongoing Therapy Clients

As a clinician, I accept new patients on a very limited basis. I feel very strongly that my job is to set you up for success in therapy. Therefore, to work with me, parents or families must first take this 8-week parenting course. It is a prerequisite that will teach you the skills necessary for our work together to be more effective. Once you’ve reached week 5 of the parenting course, I am happy to take you on as a client. Simply reach out to our client care coordinator at and mention that you have enrolled in TheraCourses

Treatment Consultation

I offer one-time consultations to review the issues or challenges you and your family are experiencing and help you determine services that are aligned with your needs. My clinical recommendations include the therapeutic approach that matches your unique circumstances and who on our very talented team of therapists would be a good fit for you, your family, or your child. We will provide external referrals if we are not the best fit! 

Clinical Supervision, Professional Development and Speaking Engagements

I am always happy to participate in, or host, speaking engagements on a variety of mental health topics. Lastly, I offer clinical supervision, consultations, and trainings to other mental health professionals nationwide. Please email me directly to inquire about speaking or training opportunities.

Contact Laura Goldstein


Phone: 240-772-1555

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Mental Health Services Offered at Montgomery County Counseling Center:

We offer a wide variety of mental health services at our counseling center based in Rockville, MD. Also, our therapists offer the same counseling services virtually via online therapy in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Our counseling services include dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)parent coachingfamily therapy, child therapy, teen therapy, and adult therapy, couples counseling. We also offer an online parenting class for parents of struggling teens or young adults, a support group for college students, and an Aspiring to Allyship in Anti-Racism group. Reach out to our counseling clinic to learn more about the many ways we can help you or your family heal and thrive.