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Our Therapy and Support Groups are Now Online

Online Support Group for College Students

Being at home when you thought you’d be on campus is a big disappointment. This probably feels like you are a child again in your family’s house when you thought you’d to be on your way towards independent living.Exploring these challenges is bound to make anyone feel down. Add isolation of quarantine on top of that and even without specific mental health challenges, this can be an emotionally tolling time! Because we know you are not alone, MCCC has created online support group and safe space for college students to support one another during their homebound semester during covid-19.

Run by: Lizzy Kosin

When: Fridays 11am-12pm EST

Where: Telehealth until otherwise determined

Online DBT-Based Parent Skills and Support Workshop

Our 8-week workshop is geared towards parents of children who struggle with emotional dysregulation. Parents with at-risk teens and young adults will benefit from a DBT skills approach to helping your child.  Even parents without troubled kids may find significant use in these skills for creating healthy family home life with teens and young adults! Click here for the full curriculum and dates

Run by: Beth Lawler

When: Thursdays 6:30-8pm EST starting July 2.

Where: Telehealth until otherwise determined

Online Support Group for Aspiring to Allyship in Anti-Racism

Creating an appropriate space for white people to process existing in an institutionally racist system, coping with emotions (guilt, shame, defensiveness), and holding each other accountable in order to strengthen our ability to support Black people. This is NOT an educational or therapeutic program but rather a non-judgmental space to focus on the introspective journey needed in order to become specifically Anti-Racist. Click here to sign up! 

Run by: Laura Goldstein

When: Every Thursday 12:30-1:30pm

Where: Telehealth until otherwise determined


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