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Set Up Your Relationship For Success

When starting with a couple, I often tell them my goal is to set them up for success.  I want to help them process their emotions so they can show up for each other even when it's hard.  No relationship is void of conflict.  Learning how to have conflict without hurting each other is key to getting "unstuck".  You can set your own relationship up for success by paying attention to these things three important and simple (although easier said than done) tips.

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Worth The Work: How to Save Your Relationship

Relationships are hard. Most people agree relationships take work. Often what starts as a romantic partnership can turn into monotonous parallel living. Other times it looks like daily arguments or attacks leaving us wondering what work we need to do to save the relationship. John Gottman, founder of the Gottman Institute, discovered a way to… Continue reading Worth The Work: How to Save Your Relationship

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The First Steps to A Happy and Healthy Marriage

How well do you know your partner? I am sure most of us could list their favorite food, sports team or TV show. But how much do you know about their day to day lives, annoyances, fears, joys, and dreams? Gottman found, when couples have detailed love maps, they are better equipped to face challenging situations in their relationship. A love map is simply a way to get to know the inner thoughts of your partner. Love maps are built when we gather information about our partners so we can better know and understand who they are.