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Reflection on Diversity Inclusion & Equity in Therapy

As a clinical intern and budding therapist, I work to bring my authentic self to every interaction. But I know it is even more crucial that I acknowledge that we live in a world where many cultures, races, ethnicities, and beliefs exist. In order to understand and appreciate this diversity, it is my responsibility (and same for others in this field) to operate with a lens on equity. One size doesn’t fit all. In some cultures, therapy is considered taboo and talking about one’s mental health is attached to stigma. In others', seeking help is the norm and encouraged. Understanding those dynamics help me keep the focus on what a client may specifically need when they present to therapy.

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Thoughts On White Allyship

Let me start by saying I am not an expert on Social Justice issues. I, like many of you may be, am on my own racial identity path and allyship journey. I'm striving to be an ally to my neighbors, friends, and colleagues of color. I am striving to listen, educate myself, speak up in my white spaces, and take action towards change. This is not easy and it takes intentionality. The important part is not letting the fear of getting it wrong prevent me from doing something. Hence, I share my thoughts in this blog even if it is not perfect.