FAQs About Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy At Montgomery County Counseling Center

Q: How do I know what type of counseling I need?

A: You may already have an idea of the type of therapy you want. Or, you may need some guidance to decide. Either way is perfectly fine. We can help. Our client care coordinator will chat with you by phone prior to your initial session to discuss therapy options we offer. Also, we will continue to assess your needs throughout the course of treatment and decide what type of therapy will meet your needs. Check out the services we offer to get a head start! This image may also help!

Graph that describes whether or not Montgomery County Counseling Center is the best fit for your child. The y axis is lower safety risk to higher safety risk and the X axis is less willing to more willing.   In the top left quadrant (high safety risk low willingness) is a red stop light and description"MCCC is definitely not a fit. We recommend more intensive services than outpatient therapy.   In the top right quadrant (high safety risk more willingness) is a yellow stop light and description"MCCC might be a fit but we will require you to do some type of parent/family work AND child/teen work to get started, and we will refer out if necessary."   In the bottom left quadrant (low safety risk low willingness) is a green stop light and description "MCCC is a fit! But we strongly recommend starting with some type of parent/family work before starting with child/teen work.  In the bottom right quadrant (low safety risk high willingness) is a green stop light and description "MCCC is a fit! We are happy to work with anyone who wants the support."

Q: Do you offer free therapy consultations?

A: Yes, we prefer to speak with clients by phone prior to making an appointment. And, we think you’ll like that too. These phone calls typically last 10-15 minutes with our client care coordinator. And if a longer discussion is necessarily, we’ll schedule you a call with our clinical director, Sara Varga.

Q: How long does a typical counseling session last?

A: All sessions run between 45 and 50 minutes unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. In rare circumstances, we may agree to do a 90-minute session.

Q: What ages do you treat for child and teen therapy?

A: We treat children ages 5 and older, teens, young adults, and young-at-heart adults.

Q: Do you accept insurance for counseling?

A: Unfortunately no. This practice is fee-for-service. This means we are not in-network with any insurance provider. However, clients can receive monthly receipts upon request if you wish to file claims for reimbursement. We advise that you call your insurance provider to ask about your “out of network reimbursement rates for psychotherapy” prior to booking. Some may also be eligible for a “Single Case Agreement”. You should also ask your insurance about that option!

Kaiser-carriers are highly likely to receive out of network coverage if your primary care provider writes a referral for mental health services.

Many of our therapists are certified-out-of-network providers with Tricare

Q: How much does a session cost?

photo of a Black individual's hand entertwined with a White individuals hand representing the BIPOC therapy fund at Montgomery County Counseling Center.

A: Sessions range from $170-$210 depending on the clinician you work with. We also have clinical interns who are therapists-in-training (and under direct supervision). They are able to see clients at a significantly reduced rate of $50-90. Intern sessions are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

We do not have a sliding scale at this time but we are willing to discuss financial accommodations on a case-by-case basis for already established clients who need assistance.

According to the Federal No Surprises Act of 2022, you have a right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for how much your medical care will cost.

Q: Do you do online therapy?

A: YES! We have options for both online therapy and in-person therapy. We offer online therapy for individuals residing in Maryland and Washington DC.

Q: How long will counseling take?

A: This completely depends on the level of need and the evolution of your goals! Some clients meet all of their goals within 6 months to a year. Other clients are “lifers” by choice. This means they want to stay in therapy long term as they develop new goals over time or just enjoy therapy as ongoing self-care. Talking about this with your clinician all throughout your therapy process is strongly encouraged. Your therapist should be discussing this along the way with you as well.

Q: What makes Montgomery County Counseling Center unique?

infographic for Montgomery County Counseling that says child therapy and teen therapy with an arrow to family therapy with an arrow to parent coaching with an arrow to couples counseling with an arrow to adult therapy with an arrow back to child/ teen therapy. Begin counseling in Rockville, MD today

A: The team of therapists at MCCC works very hard to provide you collaborative care. We strive to understand the whole family dynamic and will recommend a system-based approach when necessary. When multiple members of your family are working with multiple members of our team, we coordinate closely to make sure all goals are aligned for the best outcomes. Family members can grow in the same direction rather than growing in different directions. And if you are working with someone outside of our practice, we will collaborate with them too if you wish!

Q: How do you work with clients from diverse backgrounds?

A: At MCCC, we pride ourselves on being inclusive to all clients. All types of families are welcome here. As are people of all races, religions, sexual and gender orientations. Our founder Laura Goldstein has participated in Shana Murray Browne’s training for Decolonizing Therapy for Black Folks and actively works with a coach to ensure our practice is constantly improving our accessibility for all people.

Q: How do you find the right therapist for you?

A: Check out our two-part blog on finding the right therapist. Part 1 talks about the logistics, and Part 2 talks about the relationship. Our client care coordinator can also help make this determination for you based on both clinical fit and scheduling availability.

Q: What mental health services do you offer?

A: Our team of therapists offers a variety of counseling services to help our clients achieve their mental health goals.

Our counseling services include:

We offer clinical supervision opportunities. We also are available for mental health training and presentations throughout the MD and DC areas or nationwide.

Q: How do I get started with counseling at Montgomery County Counseling Center? 

A: Check out our awesome team! Read about our services! Then simply fill out the request form HERE!