Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy At Montgomery County Counseling Center

Q: How do I know what type of therapy I need?

A: You may already have an idea of the type of therapy you want or you may need some guidance to decide. Either way is perfectly fine. One of our clinicians will chat with you by phone prior to your initial session to discuss therapy options and we will continue to assess your needs throughout the course of treatment. Check out the services we offer to get a head start!

Q: Do you offer free consultations?

A: Yes, we prefer to speak with clients by phone prior to making an appointment and we think you’ll like that too. These phone calls typically last 15-20 minuets.

Q: How long does a typical session last?

A: All sessions run between 45 and 50 minutes unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.

Q: What age do you treat?

A: We treat children ages 7 and older, teens, young adults and young-at-heart adults.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: Unfortunately no. This practice is fee-for-service. This means we are not in-network with any insurance provider. However, clients can receive monthly receipts upon request if you wish to file claims for reimbursement. We advise that you call your insurance provider to ask about your “out of network reimbursement rates for psychotherapy” prior to booking.

Q: How much does a session cost?

A: Sessions range from $140-$190 depending on the clinician you work with. We do not have a sliding scale at this time but we are willing to discuss financial accommodations on a case-by-case basis for already well established clients who are struggling with finances.

Q: How do I get started with therapy at Montgomery County Counseling Center? 

A: Check out our awesome team! Read about our services! Then simply fill out the request form below!