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Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning and Task Completion

Task completion is a universal concept that is almost unavoidable, even on our easiest days of the week. Many kids, teens, or adults struggle with task initiation, planning, execution, or other executive functioning skills.  Completing tasks, large or small, can lead to anxiety, frustration, or emotional dysregulation that makes tasks more difficult. The "Get Ready, Do, Done" skill has proven incredibly effective in many professional disciplines and is easily adaptable to many tasks!

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Executive Functioning

Creating New Routines for Back to School

As fall approaches and schools are back in session, you may find yourself needing to create new routines. Whether you're a student, a parent, or both, you have to respond to new timelines, deadlines, and obligations that come with the start of classes each year. Routines can be difficult to plan, initiate, and maintain. And yet they are typically a great place to start when life is feeling hectic. Creating new routines doesn't have to be scary. Check out these ideas for what types of routines you might put in place. These can help you navigate the new expectations and find structure if no idea where to start. 

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What’s The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy

Maybe you know there are some barriers between you and a goal you would like to achieve. But you aren’t quite sure how to go about making it happen. Maybe you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by a challenge in life. But are unable to pinpoint exactly why. Seeking therapy is a natural, logical step when attempting to change something about your life. But could coaching also be beneficial?