Online Parenting Class for Parents of Struggling Teens

You want to see your teenager be successful and live a healthy life, but they won’t let you help them.

Sometimes you wonder, “Am I enabling their poor behavior, or am I pushing them too hard?”

Often, it feels like you’re not doing a good job parenting your child.

Your child is not struggling, but you want to be proactive in creating a healthy family dynamic through the normal struggles of adolescents.

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Our 8-week workshop is for parents of teens (or pre-teens) who struggle with emotional dysregulation and behavior issues. Parents with troubled teens benefit from learning DBT skills to help their children. But, you don’t have to have a child with mental illness to benefit from our DBT parenting classes. Even parents without troubled kids will find these skills helpful for creating a healthy home life for their family.

How Do I Know if this Workshop is Right for Me?

  • You want to learn how to better meet your child’s emotional needs.
  • You want to improve communication with your teenager.
  • Your child is already in DBT treatment* and you want to speak their language.
  • You don’t know what’s happening during your child’s therapy sessions due to confidentiality. But, you want to understand what they’re learning.
  • Family therapy or individual therapy is not a good fit for your needs.
  • You’re looking to connect with other parents who are having similar struggles with their children.
  • You simply want to be a better parent.
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** Your child does not have to be in DBT treatment for you to benefit from our parenting workshop. In fact, they don’t even need to have major behavior issues. You’ll find that our workshops are appropriate for any parent who wants to be proactive in learning new parenting skills to improve their relationship with their child.

Join Our Online DBT Parenting Classes ANYTIME

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Cost: $800* for the full 8-week workshop Now available for only $400!

Parenting Class Lesson Plan and Weekly Schedule 

1. Why Does My Kid Struggle?

We will discuss the cause of your child’s emotions and behaviors. Then, we will introduce you to Mindful Parenting.

2. Creating Neutrality

Learn to change your approach to interacting with your kids’ using three important mindfulness skills.

3. What Should I Do? My Buttons Are Being Pushed!

When your kids “act up”, it’s important to “put on your own oxygen mask” before attending to them. Learn how here!

4. What if I’m The Problem?

We will look at how your home environment can help or hurt your kids (recommended with Lessons 1 and 5).

infographic displaying the 3 steps of pervasive emotion dysregulation (emotional sensitivity + invalidating environment = pervasive emotion dysregulation) learn how to interact better with your child in online dbt parenting classes with montgomery country counseling center 208525. Validation is a Superpower!

Learn the difference between validation and praise. We will discuss the 6-step process for effective validation.

6. Acceptance Versus Change

Learn and balance the ideas of radical acceptance (what you are not in control of) and behavioral modification strategies (what you are in control of).

7. Stop Nagging, Start Negotiating

Learn the most effective structure for negotiation: DEARMAN. Past participants unanimously praise this lesson as being very helpful!

8. The Art of Parenting

This is when we put all of the workshop concepts together. Learn to use dialectics (equally valid and, yet, opposing ideas) to support middle-path parenting and move toward balance between all members of your family.

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How You’ll Feel After Attending Our DBT Parenting Class

  • Less confused about what happens when you kid shows intense emotions
  • Less guilty about your roll in your child’s difficulties
  • Empowered to navigate the normal and abnormal struggles of development
  • Better prepared to center and calm yourself in tense family interactions
  • Confident in your ability to build a connection with your child while holding them accountable
  • Prepared to handle your child’s dangerous behaviors
  • Knowledgeable of where to seek extra help if these skills are not enough

What Previous Participants Have Said

I found the leader to be a very engaging and honest teacher. She was never inappropriate but shared enough as a parent to make me feel like I wasn’t just a totally terrible parent and also that these skills are hard! She was never preachy or fake but very supportive and really demonstrated what we were trying to learn.

This workshop gave my husband and me so many tools to use, not only for BOTH our children, but also with each other and at work.

I’m glad we focused on skills and info rather than just a round robin of complaining about our individual situations.

Join Our DBT Parenting Class Online:

If you are ready to learn concrete skills to help you navigate your tween or teen child’s challenging behaviors, then we invite you to check out our parenting classes. We’re confident these classes can provide you with knowledge and tools to better help your child succeed.

To join our workshops, please follow these steps:

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  3. Start watching the videos and practicing the exercises to help heal your family TODAY!

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