DBT Skills Groups

DBT skills training is a major component of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (although not the only component). At MCCC we offer weekly 2-hour DBT skills groups that cover the core curriculum of the 4 DBT modules. This is what DBT research has shown to be most successful. In every 2-hour group meeting, clients will:

  • review skills practice from last week’s lesson
  • learn new skills from the curriculum
  • practice new skills through an experiential activity*
  • and be assigned homework to practice skills between group sessions

*Experiential Activities are geared towards the age of the cohort.

For more, check out our articles What is a DBT Skills Group? and Can DBT Skills Group Be Taught Online?

Modules are Offered on a Rotating Basis

You can join us at the beginning of any 6-week module

cycle of dbt skills training modules. Begin online DBT skills group in maryland, online DBT skills group in Virginia, and online DBT skills group in Washington DC today with Montgomery County Counseling Center today.

Research shows that the best therapeutic outcomes happen when clients participate in at least one full 6-week rotation of skills training. And for some, two full rotations. We STRONGLY advise you plan to participate in all 4 modules for the best results.

You can join in (or opt-out) in between any module. And we run on an ongoing rotating basis. All we ask is for a minimum commitment of 6-weeks at a time.

Cost: $1200 per 6-week module

We offer four co-ed cohorts so clients of any age can learn these important emotional and relational life skills!

 ChildrenTeensYoung AdultsAdults
Ages11-1314-1818-2425 +
Day & TimeTuesday
4:00 –
Allie GasbarroAllie
Geographic EligibilityMD & DC residentsMD
residents only
residents only
residents only
Entry Dates
Apr 26
Jun 14
Aug 2
Apr 28
Jun 16
Aug 4
Apr 27
Jun 15
Aug 3
Apr 26
Jun 14
Aug 2

DBT Skills Group for Children (11-13)

young Black girl talks to her DBT skills group and DBT therapist on the computer during an online DBT skills group in Maryland. Montgomery County Counseling center also offers online therapy in Virginia and online therapy in washington dc

The DBT skills group for children is a great fit for kiddos who are having a hard time managing their emotions. This includes experiencing difficulty with transitions, frequent tantrums, and behavioral problems at home. Diagnoses of children in this group range from depression, anxiety, DMDD, and adjustment disorder.

The group leader Lizzy Kosin is a pro at engaging kids! Her curriculum is made intentionally to teach self-regulation concepts. She does this through games, activities, and demonstrations. Group will NOT feel like a boring zoom class like kids have all day. But there WILL be structure and not a free-for-all. The goal is to teach skills while engaging kids in age-appropriate socialization.

A parent should plan to be nearby. You don’t need to be in the same room as your child during group. However, you must be in the same household or location. The group leader cannot serve as a caretaker or ensure your child’s safety during online group time. Please be available by phone in the event that we need to involve you in behavior management. For more info, see A Parent’s Guide to DBT Skill Group.

*Because of developmental stage, the kids group will run 90 minutes instead of two hours.

DBT skills group for teens (14-17)

Teens are having an especially hard time right now due to ongoing impacts of covid. the world is a scary place. This group is a great way for teens to be exposed to others who are having similar struggles and learn ways to navigate those very struggles. This provides validation in not being alone with their pain. Clients in this group have a range of diagnoses all rooted in emotions (depression, anxiety, bipolar, adjustment disorder, etc).

Ally Gasbarro has developed a stellar curriculum to engage teens. She balances planned activities and structured conversations. This helps teach the skills in an engaging way while maintaining the appropriate conversation.

Parents of teens under 16 should plan to remain nearby. You should not be in the same room as your teen. However, you must be in the same household or location. If your child is over 16, we don’t require you to be in the home; unless circumstances indicate otherwise. In such cases, we would inform you directly. For more info, see A Parent’s Guide to DBT Skill Group.

DBT skills group for young adults (19-24)

Group members in this group are generally adults who are either still living at home or navigating the very early stages of independent living. At this age, clients are often figuring out how to balance their own emotions while also meeting external expectations (parents, higher education, work bosses, etc). The goal of teaching skills to this cohort is to help clients walk a balance between independence and seeking help when they truly need it.

Our group leaders excel at providing therapy to the young adult population. We has a unique way of fostering conversion such that clients don’t feel “other than.” No matter what their current living, working, or family situations may be. Peer feedback and accountability at this age are especially useful for growth. We will teach DBT skills in such a way that allows group participants to learn from each other as much as they do from us.

DBT skills group for adults (25+)

Adults who seek DBT skills have likely been struggling with emotion regulation for many years. Maybe, regular therapy hasn’t been enough. This cohort consists of adults living independently. These adults may experience a range of emotional patterns from repression to over-expression. These intense emotions impact their quality of life, ability to succeed at work, and especially your quality of relationships.

Kristen Moyer will teach DBT skills in a way that allows participants to envision and practice using them in whatever context of life fits most. This could be work, family, or even just internal discomfort. Participants will learn to balance coping with their emotions and either preventing or changing their circumstances. This helps them learn to balance the many complex aspects of their mental health and emotional challenges.

What Clients Are Saying About DBT Skills Group

“Kristen was a fantastic teacher and I looked forward to every class each week, even if it was two hours long. She used real life examples and pushed us to think outside the box for how to use and apply these skills in every day life. The knowledge I gained is unmatched and I am so happy I now know more about DBT.”

“I was firmly convinced DBT wasn’t for me. I have never been more happy to be proven wrong! [I benefited from] having my struggles validated by the other group members. I love the variety of activities in a two hour session too.”

Join an Online DBT Skills Group in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC

  1. Contact our DMV area counseling clinic 
  2. Have a 15-20 minute free consultation call
  3. Enroll in the next DBT skills module available and work on skills to improve your mental and relational health

Other Services Offered at Montgomery Counseling Center in Rockville, MD and Olney, MD

DBT sounds great, but it isn’t quite what you want…

DBT is a mindset and a way of life. If it’s not for you, that’s okay. We weave these themes into all of our therapy services in Rockville, MD which is near Washington DC. Our counseling approach doesn’t have to be 100% DBT. In fact, you can still benefit from the wide variety of mental health services our therapists offer.

Our services include parent coachingfamily therapy, teen therapy, child therapy, adult therapy, and couples counseling. We also offer an online parenting class for parents of struggling teens or young adults. Due to COVID-19, we are offering an online support group for college students, and an Aspiring to Allyship in Anti-Racism group. Also, some of our clinicians provide supervision opportunities for mental health professionals seeking their professional license. Right now we are offering all our services via online therapy in Maryland, online therapy in Virginia, and online therapy in Washington DC. Reach out to our therapy clinic to learn more about the many ways we can help you or your family heal and thrive.