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So You Want to Talk To Your Child’s Teen Therapist

If you are the parent of a teen in therapy, you may have questions about confidentiality with your teen's therapist. Here are the 9 most common reasons why parent's want to reach out to their kids' therapist, why it doesn't work, and the better ways to handle each situation, which is almost always to include your child in the conversation with their therapist. Implementing these tips will help protect confidentiality with your teen's therapist.

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Mental Health and Body Movement 

I am not, never was, nor ever will be a world-class athlete. But I do relate to the ebb and flow of balancing movement & exercise with the other parts that make my life whole and complete.  In the end, I do view body movement as an important part of what energizes me, and ultimately improves my mental health. What follows are some ways in which research has found body movement and exercise to be helpful for mental health.

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Benefits of Online Therapy

s businesses and companies begin to reopen, some therapists have been offering in-person sessions. If you are already receiving therapy or would like to start therapy, you may be asking yourself, “Do I want to do in-person therapy or do I want to do online therapy?” At the end of the day, this decision is based on your preferences and what is best for you. And it is helpful to know more about your options. So let’s go over the benefits of online therapy more specifically.

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Self-Care for Therapists

Therapists!! We are entering our busiest season. Let's take a moment to remember the self-care we need to keep ourselves going! As therapists we hear so often that we need to do self-care.  It comes in the same sentence as a long list of things to add to our to-do list.  From school to supervision to independent practice, self-care is a concept we know should be integrating into our daily lives. But for some reason, this seems to always get pushed off till tomorrow. 

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Anxiety About Going to College

The truth is, if you’re heading off to school this fall, or even if you’re returning to school, you’re about to encounter a life transition. You begin to have some complex thoughts and you start to worry that you’re the only one who thinks these things, as if everyone else has it all figured out. This mixed bag of thoughts and emotions is completely normal and something that everyone experiences. Here are five common anxiety thought about heading back to college. If any of them sound familiar, now you know you’re not alone.

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Executive Functioning

Creating New Routines for Back to School

As fall approaches and schools are back in session, you may find yourself needing to create new routines. Whether you're a student, a parent, or both, you have to respond to new timelines, deadlines, and obligations that come with the start of classes each year. Routines can be difficult to plan, initiate, and maintain. And yet they are typically a great place to start when life is feeling hectic. Creating new routines doesn't have to be scary. Check out these ideas for what types of routines you might put in place. These can help you navigate the new expectations and find structure if no idea where to start. 

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Five Family Activities in Olney Maryland

One of the first things I like to ask clients is “what do you like to do for fun?” On its face, it seems like a pretty simple getting-to know-you question that anyone would ask. But actually it serves an additional purpose for me. It’s a clinical question. In many cases, those go-to activities can be the antidote to certain depressive symptoms, such as struggling to get out of bed or finding the motivation to complete tasks. I’ve heard interesting answers in the past: charcoal painting, tap dancing, writing music, and even simply watching the sunset.  These sorts of activities are part of your arsenal — your toolbox — to help you live a fulfilling life on a day-to-day basis. So, who wouldn’t want to add to that toolbox? Luckily, for our neighbors in Olney and the surrounding Montgomery County area, there is something for everyone, whether it’s individuals or families.  Here are five of my favorite things that Olney, MD has to offer! 

Child Therapy

10 Ideas to Engage Kids in Learning Over the Summer

During the summer, we find more time to relax, vacation, and loosen the reins on strict rules while school is out. While rest and recharging are incredibly important, finding ways to blend that with family time, learning, and some fun can help keep kids’ minds engaged and ready for the return to school in the… Continue reading 10 Ideas to Engage Kids in Learning Over the Summer