Clinical Supervision, Consultation, and Mental Health Trainings

Learning Opportunities for Mental Health Professionals and Caregivers

Group Supervision for New Therapists

group clinical supervision for mental health professionals with Montgomery County Counseling Center

Annie Bertran runs group clinical supervision for new LMSW and LGPC clinicians working towards their Maryland State Licensure. Because of the nature of our work, Annie specializes in supervising clinicians working with high-risk clients, crisis management, and challenging populations. She is trained in DBT and TF-CBT. Annie is familiar with working in substance use clinics, hospital settings, IOP agencies, and private practice. She also has a strong focus on ethics in supervision.

Cost-effective supervision! Learn from Your Peers and Feel Validated!

Details about Group Supervision:

  • When: Saturdays at 8 am. We meet will online until otherwise determined.
  • Cost: $80 per group with a monthly commitment, or $100 without commitment.
  • Participants in group supervision are required to have an individual supervisor.
  • Limit: 6 therapists
  • Must follow the guidelines of your licensing board

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Clinical Consultation for Mental Health Professionals

man meets with therapist laura goldstein for a professional mental health consultation with Montgomery County counseling center 20852Laura Goldstein, MCCC’s founder, and therapist offers consultation services for licensed therapists who are needing extra support. She specializes in conceptualizing cases from a systemic, family-based, behavioral lens. Other clinical specialties include substance use, BPD, and adolescent treatment and commitment. If we offer it as a service at our counseling clinic, then Laura can provide a consultation on it! Given current online accessibility, consultation is available to clinicians nationwide!

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Mental Health Training and Presentations

Laura offers a range of presentations and training for therapy organizations and other caregiving related teams or community organizations.

Using DBT for the Treatment of Substance Use

This training highlights how to apply substance use adaptations within the DBT treatment modality. We discuss theory and conceptualization, differences between standard DBT and SUD-DBT, practical implementation, and a case study. This presentation is can be tailored for audiences with a range of previous experiences with DBT.

Length: 2-4 hours depending on your needs

Vulnerability and Validation Workshop

Caregivers of any kind can learn how to respond to others’ emotions. In this training, we highlight how caregivers can lean into their vulnerability to provide better emotional support to the children they nurture. We discuss the reasons why this is so important, the three most common thinking traps adults fall into, and how-to strategies to help your kids’ emotions. This presentation is perfect for therapists, parents and grandparents, teachers and educators, school administrators, babysitters, mentors, and more. Depending on the ages you care for, we can tailor our discussion to meet the needs of school-age children, teens, and young adults.

Length: 1-3 hours depending on your needs

Mindfulness Practice For Kids

Maybe, you’ve heard about the latest mental health and self-care trend: mindfulness. And, you want to know more about what it is and why everyone is practicing it. In this training, we will define mindfulness and why people of all ages are using it. Then, we’ll learn how to apply mindfulness strategies to any child in order to help them reduce stress and anxiety and increase joy. Specifically, we’ll talk about how it can help those who struggle with emotional and/or behavioral vulnerabilities.

Length: 1 hour

Behavior Modification For Kids

Creating age-appropriate boundaries and limits can be one of the most difficult challenges of parenting. Finding the balance between “too loose” and “too strict” is tricky. So, in this conversation, we will discuss these challenges and learn about ways to improve these skills in order to promote healthy development.

Length: 1-2 hours depending on your needs

Customized Mental Health Trainings

Laura Goldstein gives a mental health training in Rockville, MD on DBT skills. Learn more by calling Montgomery county counseling center 20852Laura can also work with your organization to create a tailored training program on a mental health topic of your choice. These trainings can be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her areas of expertise include:

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If you’re looking for further education to get your clinical license or better understanding on a variety of mental health topics, we can help.

To work with our Rockville, MD based mental health experts, no matter where you are in the country, follow these steps:

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