Family Therapy

For many families having a child with a mental illness makes family life difficult. Does your household feel like a constant battlefield? Or maybe it is calm but you could cut the tension with a knife. Family dynamics can either help or hurt any individual’s progress towards health.

Dysfunctional relationships are cyclical. This means there is no single person to blame. Instead, every action impacts each future action. Healthy family dynamics are possible when each person takes responsibility for their own actions in that cycle. Family therapy can will help you understand the specific patterns in your own family. Most importantly, family therapy can teach everyone to change to improve dysfunctional family therapy with teens

Reasons Why Families Begin Family Therapy

There are LOTS of reasons why people should seek family therapy. Most people don’t because it is the most scary kind of therapy there is. However the reality is that it is also the most helpful to create sustainable change. Here are a list of reasons why your family may benefit from family therapy.

  • Chronic illness (psychical or mental) is impacting the family dynamic
  • Family members are struggling to adjust to a recent change
  • Unhealthy intergenerational pattens need to be interrupted
  • Sweeping problems under the rug has led to unsatisfying relationships
  • Constant conflict has led to distant relationships
  • Over emphasis on connection at the expense of individuality has led to codependence
  • An individual therapist has recommended family therapy

Several myths make family therapy seem more intimidating than it is. Read more about debunking myths about family therapy before you being!

What to Expect When You Begin Family Therapy at  Montgomery County Counseling Center

Your Phone Consultation to Start Family Therapy

When you first contact us to begin family therapy, your telephone consultation should remain brief, general, and objective. Your family therapist will benefit from waiting to hear the subjective perspectives from everyone at the same time during your first session. This will help to build an equal rapport with all family members.

Your First Family Therapy Session is An Assessment

A first family therapy session is a two way interview. Your family therapist will assess the dynamic to ensure that family therapy is appropriate. Check out these reasons why we may rule-out family therapy.

During that first session, you can expect that your therapist may not step in right away if an argument breaks out, because they will want to see what happens naturally. At the end of that first session, your family therapist combine your goals for family therapy along with goals they have identified from their observations.

After your first session, it is important that you go home and collectively discuss if you feel comfortable proceeding in family therapy, both based on the relationship with your therapist as well as the help you think they can offer you!

Then the Family Therapy Work Actually Begins

Once family therapy begins, your family therapist will help you learn communication skills, conflict management techniques, and behavioral change skills. The goal of family therapy is to increase connection and empathy amongst everyone while also creating healthier age- and relationship-appropriate boundaries.

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Start Family Therapy at Montgomery County Counseling Center Now

There is no perfect time to start to improve your family dynamics. It often feels overwhelming to start. Your family can coexist more peacefully soon!

What Our Clients Have Said About Family Therapy

When we started, our daughter was on a potentially life-threatening path of self destruction, terribly unhappy, and were were all overwhelmed. I was terrified. We weren’t coping with the situation effectively and our communications were fraught, to say the least. We learned how to communicate effectively and have come out the other side appreciating our family and each other. This is an incalculably valuable outcome. Our daughter is able to cope much better with challenges and we all are not mired in blame, anxiety and distress. I’m more calm and confident that things can work out. You were extremely insightful about our family dynamics, unflappable and kind. The suggestions remain helpful today. I think we know ourselves better and have really changed for the better. I will be forever grateful for your help.

-Parents in family therapy with their teenager

You were very personable from the first day and I always felt that you helped me express my thoughts in an articulate way. I also felt that you really understood me and supported me through some difficult but necessary conversations with my parents.

-Young adult in family therapy with their parents

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Looking for other ways to get help for your family…

If family therapy feels too intimidating to begin with, parent coaching or individual teen or adult therapy could be a better place to start.

Meet other parents going through the similar struggles in a more interactive and cost effective way to do parent coaching. Try our Parent Skills and Support Workshop

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