Family Therapy

I started my career first and foremost because of my passion for family therapy! I truly believe that nothing happens in a vacuum of just one person. Sustainable change happens when the entire system shifts. Dysfunctional relationships are cyclical, meaning there is no single person to blame. Better family dynamics are possible with collective responsibility where everyone addresses their own part of the problem. In family therapy, I will help you understand the specifics patterns in your family and teach everyone what they can do differently to improve the relationship.

Since starting my therapy practice in Rockville, I have developed a specialty in working with families of young adults and teens with poor coping skills and parents who want to help their children. These maladaptive coping behaviors often include substance use, self harm, suicidal ideation, angry outbursts, avoidance/withdrawal and more.  Family therapy will help create balance between empathy and accountability so that there is a better parent-child relationship and that behavior problems resolve.

When a young person is in individual treatment, family therapy or parent coaching is essential to improve the home environment to ensure success and prevent regression.

In addition to these areas, I have extensive experience doing family work with other family concerns including divorce and separation, life stage adjustments, and other types of parent-child relationship stress. If you have questions about family therapy, or want to know if family therapy may be able to help you, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to explore this with you!


When we started, our daughter was on a potentially life-threatening path of self destruction, terribly unhappy, and were were all overwhelmed. I was terrified. We weren’t coping with the situation effectively and our communications were fraught, to say the least. We learned how to communicate effectively and have come out the other side appreciating our family and each other. This is an incalculably valuable outcome. Our daughter is able to cope much better with challenges and we all are not mired in blame, anxiety and distress. I’m more calm and confident that things can work out. You were extremely insightful about our family dynamics, unflappable and kind. The suggestions you made remain helpful today. I think we know ourselves better and have really changed for the better. I will be forever grateful for your help.

– Family with an adolescent child