DBT Graduate Group

After you complete a full course of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills training, you may find yourself wanting to keep your skills fresh without the intensity and commitment of repeating a full skills cycle. At MCCC, we offer a group for just that! Our DBT graduate groups help clients maintain their DBT skills knowledge and application. Plus, this setting provides the value of validation and motivation from like-minded peers.

Image of adults sitting in a circle providing support to peers, as will occur in DBT graduate group

Led by our DBT therapists, the DBT Graduate Group is loosely modeled after a DBT Consultation Team meeting. That is the way that DBT therapists practice DBT and we think it’s great for our most skilled clients! This format allows for both ongoing skills review so you don’t forget anything you might not remember or realize that you need. And at the same time, it allows for the freedom and flexibility to discus you most important present needs, without the prescriptive format of standard DBT group.

So what does DBT Graduate Group look like?!

In every 1.5 hour group session, clients will:

  1. Start with a mindfulness practice.
  2. Review one skills training assumption per week on a rotating basis to foster dialectical thinking.
  3. Receive a brief 15-20 minute skills lesson on a pre-determined skill. These also rotate each week to review them all over time.
  4. Collaboratively set a group agenda of the current real life circumstances you would like help with
  5. Validate and advise each other on how to apply DBT skills to apply to these circumstances

Qualifications of DBT Graduate Group

This group is for individuals who have successfully engaged in previous DBT skills training and want support in reinforcing skills to build a life worth living. To be eligible for our DBT Grad Group, you must meet ALL of the following criteria and committments:

a graduation cap leaning on top of a gold cardboard diploma tube to reference those who have graduated from standard DBT group
  • previous completion of all 4 modules of DBT a skills training, either through MCCC or elsewhere*
  • be free of self-injurious behaviors for at least 2 months prior to joining group and be committed to resume individual therapy (if you are not already doing so) in the event that self-injurious behaviors reemerge during the course of your group participation
  • engage in a one-time 30 minute intake/orientation session with the group leader
  • commit to 4 weeks of group attendance to begin with**, after which you can stay with us as long or short as you would like
  • be committed to fostering a non-judgmental, validating, motivating and skillful space for yourself and others

*if you completed DBT skills training elsewhere, we will require a ROI at intake for collaboration with that team

**When you enroll, we will initially collect payment for 4 weeks of group up front to honor your initial 4-week committment.

DBT Graduate Group Deets

Age15-1821 +
Day & TimeWednesdays
5-6:30 pm EST
6:30-8pm EST
LocationRockville OfficeVirtual Meetings*
*you must physically be located in the state of MD during the group time
Group LeaderSara Varga, LCSW-CDiana Gomez, LGPC
Launch DateETA Jan 2024- if interested let us know asapOct 5th 2023 with ongoing enrollment

Your Investment for DBT Graduate Group

heart hands in front of a sun with he words "invest in yourself, you're worth it"

Required 30-minute intake session: $115

Weekly Cost for MCCC DBT Group Graduates: $115/session

Weekly Cost for Non-MCCC Group Graduates: $125/session

Enroll in our DBT Graduate Group Today

If you are interested in registering, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete our intake form online here!
  2. Connect with our intake specialist who will review your qualifications, send you enrollment paperwork, and schedule your intake appointment with the group leader.
  3. Fill out your registration paperwork online.
  4. Attend your scheduled intake appointment.
  5. Join the subsequent DBT Grad Group session!

Other Services Offered at Montgomery Counseling Center in Rockville and online through MD, DC, VA & PA

In addition to our DBT Graduate group, we can provide individualized support for you mental healthy needs via a variety of counseling services at our clinic in Rockville MD. Our services include individual DBT therapy, individual child, teen , and adult therapy, parent coaching, family therapy and couples counseling. We are offering all our services either in-person at in our DC-accessible office location or via online therapy for clients located in Maryland, Virginia, or Pennsylvania.

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