Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a great way to get support, self-care, and practical parenting tips so you don’t have to feel like you are pulling your hair out with your difficult teenager or young adult. Research shows that parent coaching is just as effective if not more so compared to individual therapy for struggling children.

Reasons Why Parent Coaching Could Be Right For You

Many parents want to start family therapy to help their kids but sometimes the most helpful place to start is parent coaching. If you answer yes to any of the following, parent coaching is the right place to start helping your child.

  • My child refuses to do therapy (individual or family)
  • My child reacts so strongly that I can’t get a word in
  • My child is in an out-of-home therapy program and we want to work a better environment for their return
  • My spouse and I are not on the same page about parenting
  • My spouse and I struggle to present a united front to our kids
  • I am so tired from parenting struggles that I need to refuel my own tank
  • I have more than one kid with emotional or mental health struggles
  • I feel desperate for help or worried that I might be the problem
  • I fear family therapy may cause more harm than good but we still need help
parents fighting in front of teenager, parent coaching
If Parents Aren’t on the Same Page, Parent Coaching is Better than Family Therapy

Parent Coaching Can Help with Parenting Skills and Family Relationships

We help parents stuck in the FOG (fear obligation and guilt) to find their way out. You can feel more confident and less stressed about you kid who has mental health struggles. AND your kid can have a healthier family environment for healing.

Sometimes the most sustainable change starts with the parents. In parent coaching, you will have individualized help for you family’s needs. You can talk about the specific problems at home and have a trained therapist help navigate the struggles that are unique to your family. When the people in charge of the household heal, the whole household heals too.

Parent Coaching with MCCC in Maryland

At MCCC we are all-inclusive, helping families of all shapes, sizes, and colors when needed. We are able to work with single parents, separating and divorcing parents, or married parents. We are LGBTQ and BIPOC friendly.

DBT Parent Coaching

DBT parent coaching is a very skills based approach to parent coaching. We teach concept from DBT like mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness and help YOU apply these techniques to your specific family interactions. We can help you review every detail of your last family conflict to see where skills could have changed the course of history and we can help you learn where applying the skills will help you prevent your next family crisis.

Integrated Parent Coaching

This style of parent coaching includes all of the aspects from DBT Parent Coaching and more  Here we also explore the patterns of parenting from your own parents, your marital relationship dynamic, and any individual emotions that could be complicating your parenting.

Get Started With Parent Coaching in Maryland Today

parent coaching clientsThere is no perfect time to start to heal yourself and your family. But you no longer have to feel helpless, worried, and wandering about how to help your child with mental illness or behavioral problems! Parent coaching can help you feel more confident that you are doing the right thing to help you kid.

Looking for other ways to get help for your family…

Meet other parents going through the same struggles in a more interactive and cost effective way to do parent coaching. Try our Parenting Workshop for Parents of Struggling Tweens and Teens 

If you said no to the questions above, your family might be ready to start with family therapy instead of parenting coaching.

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