Paula Chung, Therapist Intern

About Therapist Intern Paula Chung

Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Paula, and I’m excited to be interning with the team here at Montgomery County Counseling Center. I am receiving direct supervision from MCCC’s Clinical Director Sara Varga, LCSW-C for individual work and MCCC’s Founder Laura Goldstein, LCMFT for couples and family work as I settle into my therapy niche.

As a therapist intern, I am eager to learn how you feel about and experience the world. 

What would you like to achieve in life? 
Where do you feel stuck? 

My clinical interests include meta-emotions, essentially the emotional responses we have to our own emotions (e.g., I feel guilty for feeling angry). These can be complex and layered and understanding them can provide insight into our emotional patterns and reactions. I look forward to exploring this and more with you in therapy. 

While it’s natural to experience fear, nervousness, or indecision when starting counseling, my hope is that these feelings do not create barriers on your path to achieving your desired goals.

Education and Experience as a Therapist Intern

My internship at Montgomery County Counseling Center signifies a pivotal milestone in my academic journey as I work towards obtaining my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of the Cumberlands. I have successfully completed all the required coursework for my program and anticipate graduating in August 2024, after the completion of my practicum and two semesters of internship at MCCC. Upon graduation, I will apply to become a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC).

While I have always enjoyed working with youth, my seeds of passion for counseling were sown when I worked as a group facilitator and teen mentor at the Watkins Mill High School Wellness Center through Identity, Inc. I worked primarily with underserved youth (Latino and African-American students), focusing on addressing the unique challenges they faced and providing them with resources and guidance to overcome barriers and succeed. The grit, joy, and resilience exhibited by these young individuals captured my admiration and affection. Witnessing their strength convinced me to pursue training in mental health counseling so I could provide the well-deserved support and guidance they require.

Embracing motherhood expanded my perspective immensely. I started to view the youngsters I had been working with through the lens of a parent. This shift deepened my empathy towards parents, allowing me to profoundly understand their hopes, worries, and challenges connected to their children. I am invigorated by the idea of working with individuals and families (young and old alike) as they process the pain of their past, and unpack the ways that both the pain, and the strength they’ve developed along the way, impact their current journeys.

Areas of Interest

  • Children and Adolescents
  • Young Adults
  • Parenting
  • Stepping into Motherhood (post-partum & onwards)
  • Relationship Concerns (couples & family)
  • Trauma

Personal Life

My husband and I have three young daughters, so life is quite exciting in all the simplest ways. I “retired” when my oldest was born, and now I spend a lot of time cutting cucumbers, getting support from other moms at the playground, and tripping over toys on the living room floor.

I love being with my family and consider myself a bit of a homebody. A perfect, albeit unrealistic, day for me would include reading and journaling outside, then getting to the field to play flag football. After winning (and of course we’d win), I’d come back to bake cookies –not dinner- because I love eating cookies. And finally, I would shoo everyone out of my kitchen and make soap! Here’s a look at some soaps I’ve made recently!

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