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Keeping Dating Alive in Your Relationship

5 Dating Ideas in Rockville MD

The idea of dating is often associated with connecting with someone with romantic intentions.  Dating can also be seen as going out to get to know someone to see if there are romantic possibilities. 

That is all fine and good but dating shouldn’t stop there.  Dating is a great way get to know someone AND a great way to keep a relationship healthy and interesting. 

Dating can provide an opportunity to create shared meaning with your partner.  It allows you to share your interests and try new things together.  Whether you’ve been together for a few weeks or a few decades, dating is important in relationships.  Carving out intentional time to spend together is important. 

I know the word dating can be one of those words that evoke strong emotions. For some, the emotions are fun, exciting, and optimistic and for others, it evokes a fearful, dreaded, and anxious feeling.  And maybe even a combination of the two. No matter which category you fall into dating has looked different over the past year and is continuing to change as things open back up again. 

Before your calendar gets to full make a choice to add a few date nights for you and your partner.  Or get back out there and start dating again.  Here are a few ideas outside of dinner and a movie to help jump-start your date night plans in Rockville.

1. Pet outings in Rockville MD

Find a dog park or a doggy bar like Bark Social to grab a drink and watch your furry friend enjoy the company of other dog lovers.  If this isn’t your thing try a local dog park.  Getting outside is a nice way to change the scenery and evoke new conversations.  Check out this website for these other dog-friendly eateries in the Rockville area. 

2. Cooking is great for dating

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Try a cooking class with your partner or possible love interest.  Cooking is a fun way to work together and build communication skills.  All rewarded with something yummy to eat.  Some restaurants offer cooking classes in their kitchens like Jalsa in Rockville. Check with your favorite restaurant and see if they offer cooking classes or “supper clubs” to change up the way you eat out!

3. Get Active with Rock Climbing

Rock climbing that is.  Rock climbing is a great way to have fun, be active, and build trust with a partner.  Earth Trek makes the climbing experience fun and easy.  This indoor climbing gym has something for everyone.  If it’s your first time or your a pro, there is something for you at Earth Trek.  This is a date experience that provides an opportunity for connection in a way you might not get by going to a movie!

4.  Beer and Wine tastings in Rockville and Olney

Go grab a flight or a cheese tray and some wine while enjoying a brewery or wine bar.  Rockville has so many options in this category.  Some breweries and wine bars offer a full menu for both food and beverage.  While others are “bring your own food” with occasional food truck nights.  Check out Seven Locks or T and T Wine Shop in Rockville for special events and hours of operation! Or if you are in the Olney area, try Brookeville Beer Farm or Loan Oak Brewery.

5.  Create your own adventure! 

This is a throwback to the books I read as a kid.  You know the ones where you choose what happens next by turning to page 28 to turn left or page 45 if you go back to sleep.  Anyways you get the idea.  Choose a date that makes sense for you and your partner.  Maybe you work together to recreate your first date. Or go on a scavenger hunt of your top five favorite spots in the area. Take turns planning date nights that you think will be fun for your partner and then get their feedback.  

Whatever you choose, be intentional about connecting with each other.

Still need some inspiration, check out this Adventure Challenge Couples Edition book for some fun creative ideas to keep date night alive!

Being in a relationship takes work. Sometimes the work is fun and takes the shape of dating.  Other times it’s hard and involves building skills and working through past hurts. It is not always easy and it’s ok if you don’t feel like going on a date with your partner or getting back out there to try dating to find a partner.  It is also ok to ask for help in your relationship or for yourself.  At Montgomery County Counseling Center we offer both individual counseling and couples counseling.  Reach out to schedule a session with one of our associates today!

About the Author

Kelli Carter, couples counselor intern

Kelli Carter is a therapist at Montgomery Counseling Center, in Rockville, Maryland. Kelli is has completed Training in Level 1 Gottman’s Method. Through counseling, she explores how to build relationships with others and yourself that will help you in your daily life. She aims to help clients gain more self-awareness and give resources to be your best self and grow in healthy relationships with others. Kelli is currently accepting new clients at Montgomery County Counseling Center.

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