Back to School Jumpstart Program

Olney In-Person OR Maryland Virtual Program to Prepare Kids for School

You want to see your kid adjust to school successfully.

You’re nervous about the transition from online school to in-person school.

You’re child struggles to stay organized or turn assignments in on time.

You want to your kid to learn effective systems to manage their time and tasks.

You don’t have the time or emotional energy to walk your kids through back-to-school prep. Or you want to outsource the task to prevent conflict.

Your child needs executive functioning skills to succeed throughout the whole school year.

disorganized student feeling overwhelmed

Our one-week Back to School Jumpstart Program is for students returning to school who could benefit from a some extra preparation. Our executive functioning coach Emily Renda will walk kids through 5 essential skills to prepare your kid to go back to school.

Kids with ADHD, school anxiety, or executive functioning deficits will especially benefit from this jumpstart. Even kids without these concerns can learn important life skills towards becoming a successful independent person!

Now Enrolling for Back to School Jumpstart Camp

Monday-Friday August 23rd – August 27th 4pm-5pm*

Ideal for kids and teens age 12-16

In-person in the Olney Office** or Virtually via Google Meets

Early Bird Enrollment: $300 Enroll before Aug 6th

Regular Enrollment: $350 Enroll between Aug 7th-Aug 20th

Late Enrollment: $400 Enroll between Aug 21st-Aug 23th

*We may offer a second cohort at a different time of day depending on demand.*
** Please see our office-covid policies: vaccines required.**

the words "back to school" written on a chalk board with school supplies surrounding it

Back To School Jumpstart Program Lesson Plan

Monday Aug 23: Preparation

We’ll discuss the transition from summer to fall schedule. This includes starting a sleep routine, planning meals, planning for clothes, and packing bags.

Tuesday Aug 24: Communication

We will learn how how best to communicate with teachers and parents about any needs a student may have throughout the year. This includes dissecting syllabi and calculating and planning for time management and sharing these plans with parents as needed.

Wednesday Aug 25: Organization

We will organize students’ schedules and create systems to help organize in-school and after-school obligations. This includes making schedules student-friendly and using a workable planner/calendar systems.

Thursday Aug 26: Prioritization

We will discuss how to juggle responsibilities and prioritize multiple assignments with varying due dates and levels of difficulty or time commitment. This includes self-monitoring of progress and frequent self-assessment of needs.

Friday Aug 27: Growth Mindset

We will develop a growth mindset around evaluating the systems we have created. This includes celebrating wins and learning lessons from the feedback you receive throughout the year. This way, students can stay successful and productive over time.

Enroll in our Back To School Jumpstart Program Today!

If you are ready sign your child up to get these concrete skills to help them begin the school year with success, then we invite you to check out our Back-To-School Jumpstart Program. We’re confident this week will provide your child with the tools succeed this school year. Our Olney location is currently offering this class in-person OR your child can join in online!

To enroll your child or teen, please follow these steps:

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  1. Email us! Reach out and let us know that you are interested! We’ll send you a link to our online client portal.
  2. Fill out the registration paperwork and submit your payment via credit card or Zelle.
  3. You’ll receive a welcome email from us with information. Then, either drive to our office or log on to your computer and join us for this wonderful learning opportunity.

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