Aspiring to Allyship In Antiracism

antiracism black and white holding hands. Join a group for white allies in Maryland to learn more about antiracism at Montgomery County Counseling Center

Free Support Group for Allyship in Antiracism

It hurts to watch the news these days.

You are holding on to some very uncomfortable feelings about the subject of race. Guilt. Shame. Confusion. Uncertainty. Maybe even defensiveness.

You’ve never had a safe space to talk about those feelings because race discussions are taboo. 

You want to become a better ally in the work of dismantling systemic oppression.

It’s important that you help others in your community support antiracism efforts.

If any of this sounds like you, you might benefit from our Aspiring to Allyship in Antiracism Group

We aim to create an appropriate space for white people to process existing in an institutionally racist system. This means, coping with emotions (guilt, shame, defensiveness), and holding each other accountable. In doing so we can strengthen our ability to support Black people. This is NOT an educational or therapeutic program. Instead, it is a non-judgmental space to focus on the introspective journey needed in order to practice active and actionable Anti-Racism.

Not an Education, Just a Supportive Community of Conversation around antiracism

Because this is not an educational program, we have no set agenda for these conversations. Some of the themes we expect to come up include

  • Black Lives Matter Protesters outside holding signs at a rally wearing masks. Become an ally in support of antiracism from out aspiring to antiracism group at Montgomery County CounselingProcessing guilt about white privilege
  • Recognizing our own implicit biases
  • Embracing imperfection in order to take action
  • Differences between performative and actionable allyship
  • Practicing a non-defensive stance when educated by BIPOC friends (or strangers)
  • Handling our anger towards those who don’t understand or agree
  • Approaching difficult conversations with family and friends 
  • Books and resources that have been either meaningful and/or challenging
  • Ideas for actionable allyship

All The Details for the Aspiring to Allyship in Antiracism Group

Run by: Kelli Carter

When: Every Other Thursday from 12 pm-1 pm EST. Lunch is welcomed and encouraged!

Cost: Free to participate

Commitment: We ask that you commit to attending 6 sessions to ensure sufficient conversation. Upcoming cohort will begin April 7th and subsequent dates will be Apr 21, May 5,  May 19, Jun 2, and Jun 16

Who can come: Literally anyone! It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, or location to join in the conversation. Come as you are! You don’t need any type of background or education to participate. Ultimately, all you need is a willingness to be vulnerable and a commitment to be non-judgmental towards others in conversations about race and whiteness.

Is a group space not how you prefer to discuss sensitive topics about antiracism?

If you live in Maryland or Washington DC, you can work with one of our individual therapists to process your emotions about race or anything else for that matter! Many people think that therapy is only for mental health problems. But, truly any area in which you seek personal growth can be supported in counseling.

MCCC’s Allyship Work in Action

Montgomery County Counseling Center allocates $5 from every therapy fee collected and put this in a fund used for internal decolonization effrots and external organizations that fund BIPOC mental health care services.

Join our Allyship in Antiracism Group Now:

group of multicultural young adults holding a sign that says no racism. Join our aspiring to allyship in antiracism group at montgomery county counseling If social justice is important to you and you want to learn more about the topic we discussed above, our staff would love to talk to you about joining our group. To join the antiracism group, please contact our counseling clinic via email and we will send you a link to join the discussion!

What are people say is most helpful about allyship group

Community is most helpful. White supremacy and other anti-wellness structures succeed when they convince us we’re isolated. Sharing, listening, support, and nonjudgment heal and empower the individual, and thus create positive groups capable of radical change.
Having a space where we can work to understand how to be a better ally, while also supporting each other through the difficult conversations that surround race.

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