Emily Renda, MS

Emily Renda is no longer accepting Executive Functioning Clients at Montgomery County Counseling Center. Check out her current work with TheraCourses, MCCC’s sister company for psychoeducation.

Emily Renda, executive functioning coach sitting on a brown bench in front of greenery

About Executive Functioning Coach Emily Renda

Hey there, my name is Emily and I am so happy to work with the team at MCCC! My passion for helping others grow led me to a successful career in education where I was able to create positive change for my students both educationally and emotionally. Moving into a coaching role was the next step in my journey of encouraging others to be their best selves. I believe that by communicating with common language, we can create the kind of community in which all members can thrive.

Unfortunately, the pressures of our society often push us to operate in a state of survival. We respond to the stimuli around us as opposed to proactively managing our time end energy in the most efficient way. My goal is to coach my clients through real-world challenges which they are facing in order to empower them to take ownership of, not only their current situation, but also enabling them to move confidently forward as they face new challenges. My hope is to provide a caring and motivating environment for clients to build skills, systems, and practices so that they may reach their fullest potential. 

While EF coaching can be beneficial on its own, EF coaching is particularly helpful when paired with therapy. I can help build the systems. Therapy can help when emotions get in the way of using them. The needs of the whole person can be cared for by the right professional team. If necessary, I can help match you with a licensed therapist on our team to help jumpstart the journey! 

“As a former educator, I can attest that students can’t do their best if they feel unsafe, underprepared, or anxious. I am here to listen, encourage, and guide my clients to make choices which support their growth and help them achieve their goals.”

Education and Experience as an Executive Functioning Coach

I earned my undergraduate degree in Middle School Education with a focus in Science and English from Towson University in 2015. I started teaching for Baltimore County Public Schools, training with mentors that same year. Soon I realized that in addition to teaching young people, I truly enjoyed coaching other teachers in the profession. I started my Masters program with Towson University in 2017, during which I worked on for four years with my peers to develop and hone my skills in educational leadership. In 2019, I moved into a role as a department chair, leading the team of educators in our science department. In 2021 I earned my Masters of Science in Human Resource Development. 

Throughout my time as an educator, I was trained in various executive functioning practices to help serve all students with diverse needs. I am extensively trained in UDL (Universal Design for Learning) which is a framework that allows me to optimize learning for all people, based on scientific evidence of how people learn. The framework not only considers what an individual is learning, but also how and why that learning occurs.

I am also trained in (SEL) Social Emotional Learning practices. SEL focuses on guiding people through learning skills to manage emotions, understand themselves as learners, empathise with others, achieve goals, and make responsible decisions. SEL is often described as a hidden curriculum in schools. In executive functioning coaching, we bring these things out of hiding and into the forefront.


  • Schedule Organization and Time Management
  • Project Planning and Prioritization
  • Organization Skills
  • Writing Skills Support
  • Attention Improvment
  • Study Skills
  • Note Taking skills
  • Working Memory
  • Self Monitoring
  • Task Initiation
  • Impulse Control

What Clients Say About Working With Emily Renda

Problem solving and figuring out resources available to meet my goals, Emily has been an amazing companion in figuring things out!

Personal Life

My passions include gardening, cooking, DIY projects, and snuggling with our pups, Titan and Rhea (who were named after a couple of Saturn’s moons.) If we aren’t hiking or mushroom foraging, my husband and I enjoy relaxing with a game of Scrabble, science documentary, or game of Mario Kart when we have free time. As a former middle school teacher, I have developed a wide range of random facts to use for trivia and Jeopardy. Empathy is an important guide in my life, and a particular quotation which resonates with my soul comes from Dr. Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Contact Emily Renda

Email: Emily@mccounselingcenter.com

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