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college students wearing masks on campus. Join an online college support group in Maryland with a therapist at Montgomery County Counseling Center

COVID-19 threw off your college plans, huh? Now you’re homebound when you were expecting a fun semester on campus? Or maybe you are on campus but it feels mucho different than what you expected? If so, you are probably experiencing disappointment, loneliness, family stress, and worries about your future. Or, you may just be feeling stress related to being home from college during COVID-19. And you are not alone! Our online college support venting group can help!

The effects of COVID-19 have hit college students particularly hard! Being at home when you thought you’d be on campus is a big disappointment. You’ve probably got all sorts of new concerns about what life will be like now.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • Will I feel like a high-schooler again living in my parents home?
  • I don’t like virtual learning. What if I hate this?
  • I’m not great at time management. I may not do well with online learning.
  • I’m supposed to zoom 4 classes at a time? No way!
  • What if I or someone in my family gets COVID? Will I be able to keep up?
  • I don’t want to miss out on cherished traditions and rights of passage.
  • What the HECK is dating supposed to look like when I live at home?
  • What should I do Saturday night at 10 pm?
  • Will I be able to get a job?
  • Is the current economy/ unemployment rate is going to make it harder for me after graduation?
  • I don’t want to complain to my friends. I know they are struggling too.
  • It seems like others are doing okay. But, I really hate this.

This is an emotionally tolling time for college students! Because we know you are not alone, MCCC has created a safe online group space for college students to vent with one another during their unexpected COVID-19 semester.

We are prepared to address any of the above concerns and more. We don’t have any set curriculum or agenda because we want this group to feel relevant to whatever is going on in your life at the time. Ultimately, our goal is to meet you where you are and discuss the issues that matter most to YOU!

This Support Venting Group will have you feeling:

  • Less judgmental of your own story
  • Empowered to share your story with others
  • Connected with others in similar situations
  • Less isolated during your college experience
  • Like you have a circle of friends from other colleges
  • Validated by others in feeling stressed, depressed, angry, and other emotions
  • Better able to solve problems with ideas from your peers and an expert therapist
  • More creative to find solutions to cope with being a college student stuck at home during COVID
  • Hopeful about being able to bounce back from this bizarre and unexpected detour
  • Knowledgeable of where to seek extra help if needed

diverse group of happy college students sitting in a line, some with computers or tablets. Join an online college support group in Maryland to cope with the stress of COVID 19 at Montgomery County Counseling Center.

Now Enrolling: Online College Support Venting Group

Open to anyone living in Maryland or DC

Every Tuesday at 4pm in our online meeting portal

Led by Lizzy Kosin, LMSW

Cost: $280 per month Just reduced! $200/month- that’s $50/session!

Free 15 minute phone consultation required

Group will begin once 3 participants are enrolled.

Reserve Your Spot in the Online College Support Venting Group:

We would love for you to consider joining our online college support group and meet other students in similar situations due to COVID-19. To begin online counseling in Washington DC or Maryland, follow these steps:

  1. Email us and Please include
    • Your cohort year (ie freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior)
    • Your availability in the next two weeks for a 15-minute phone consultation with therapist Lizzy Kosin.
  2. Complete your registration paperwork
  3. Login to our online therapy portal and connect with your peers to vent about college life in the times of COVID.

College student on a laptop for an online college support group in maryland with a therapist from Montgomery County Counseling Center

If group therapy isn’t right for you, try our other services?

If you are having more severe symptoms like persistent depression and anxiety, inability to sleep, troubling substance use, hopelessness, and despair, then individual therapy may be helpful in addition to OR instead of group.

And if being home is creating family tension and you need a neutral party to mediate the unexpected circumstances, family therapy could be helpful too.

Reach out to our therapy clinic to learn more about the many ways we can help you or your family heal and thrive.

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