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Live Instagram: Destigmatizing Mental Health Care

Plus: Explaining Family Therapy and Cultural Competence

There is so much info in this hour long interview that I wanted to break it down so you can jump around to topics you want to hear about! It’s not 100% perfect and we covered A LOT but I hope this helps for those wanting to listen in shorter chunks!




  • 4:00 confidentiality in adolescent treatment and family therapy ⁣
  • 8:00 relationship dynamics trigger intense emotions- how DBT works and the difference between CBT⁣
  • 9:00 stabilization in DBT before trauma work ⁣
  • 11:45 sustainable change by looking at family hierarchy⁣
  • 13:25 parent coaching vs couples counseling ⁣
  • 15: getting parents to buy into family therapy
  • 17:50-26 fears about starting therapy and destigmatization ⁣
  • 26- therapists are humans too. using that FOR therapy⁣
  • 31- therapists working with BPD clients ⁣
  • 32:40- shopping for a therapist⁣
  • 36:44- switching therapist. difference for adults vs adolescents
  • 39:34- cultural competency in therapy ⁣
  • 41- hiring an MFT for diversity and aspiring to allyship⁣
  • 47- parallels between therapy and social justice work ⁣
  • 48- anxiety in teens and covid magnifying emotions ⁣
  • 50- when do you know if its time for therapy ⁣
  • 53- therapy is self care⁣⁣
  • 53:50- office vs teletherapy in covid

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