cartoon of 4 snowmen showing different holiday traditions from each religion with the title "what are your unique holiday traditions?"
Adults, Covid-19

Embracing Different Holiday Traditions This Year

More than any other time of year, the month of December is filled with holiday traditions. Lighting the menorah, pouring libations, decorating a tree, and giving gifts are all part of traditions we see this month. But when is the last time you intentionally looked at your traditions? Do you mindlessly engage year after year in traditions that hold no meaning to you? What better time than now to take a look at which traditions you celebrate and why.

stressed woman with christmas tree during holidays

High-Strung for the Holidays

Has anyone noticed how different the holidays feel this year? On top of our normal stresses from being around family, finals, finding the perfect gifts, making the perfect menu, end of year finances, end of year reflections evaluations….we now have changes that were never expected plus the extra stresses of COVID and its implication on our traditions. I have been looking at ways I can help those around me (and myself!) with all these changes and here are a few suggestions to reduce I have been giving to help reduce holiday stress during covid-19.