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When (And How) to Call to Your Teen’s Therapist

Last week, I wrote about all the reasons why you should NOT reach out to your teen's therapist. Or at least not without your teenager present. Now I am here to talk about when you can and should be in communication with your teens therapist without your child involved.

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So You Want to Talk To Your Child’s Teen Therapist

If you are the parent of a teen in therapy, you may have questions about confidentiality with your teen's therapist. Here are the 9 most common reasons why parent's want to reach out to their kids' therapist, why it doesn't work, and the better ways to handle each situation, which is almost always to include your child in the conversation with their therapist. Implementing these tips will help protect confidentiality with your teen's therapist.

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My Child or Teen Asked for Therapy

Some kiddos start therapy because their parents want it for them. Other times, it's because they have asked for it! Those are rare but special moments and it is very important to take the request seriously. Here's a list of why you should start as soon has your child or teen has asked for therapy!