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Connecting Values to Your New Years Resolutions

A big part of how I function is that I need to continue to learn. I find myself making choices around this both in my everyday life as a human and also as a therapist. This past year, I have been exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) while also expanding my knowledge in DBT. While… Continue reading Connecting Values to Your New Years Resolutions

diversity equity and inclusion word cloud
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Reflection on Diversity Inclusion & Equity in Therapy

As a clinical intern and budding therapist, I work to bring my authentic self to every interaction. But I know it is even more crucial that I acknowledge that we live in a world where many cultures, races, ethnicities, and beliefs exist. In order to understand and appreciate this diversity, it is my responsibility (and same for others in this field) to operate with a lens on equity. One size doesn’t fit all. In some cultures, therapy is considered taboo and talking about one’s mental health is attached to stigma. In others', seeking help is the norm and encouraged. Understanding those dynamics help me keep the focus on what a client may specifically need when they present to therapy.

cartoon of people moving and jumping
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Mental Health and Body Movement 

I am not, never was, nor ever will be a world-class athlete. But I do relate to the ebb and flow of balancing movement & exercise with the other parts that make my life whole and complete.  In the end, I do view body movement as an important part of what energizes me, and ultimately improves my mental health. What follows are some ways in which research has found body movement and exercise to be helpful for mental health.

cartoon of online therapy

Benefits of Online Therapy

s businesses and companies begin to reopen, some therapists have been offering in-person sessions. If you are already receiving therapy or would like to start therapy, you may be asking yourself, “Do I want to do in-person therapy or do I want to do online therapy?” At the end of the day, this decision is based on your preferences and what is best for you. And it is helpful to know more about your options. So let’s go over the benefits of online therapy more specifically.

DBT model of emotions
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How Are You Feeling?

I often hear words to describe our emotions as “fine”, “okay”, “good”, “bad”. And while that's an important starting place, I believe much more can be discovered when we tune into our internal experience a bit more. I have come back to this reflection often and every time settle on the important truth that asking how we are feeling and understanding our emotions is not only a part of therapy, but essential for living.