Sabrina Gibb, LGPC

Sabrina is no longer accepting clients at Montgomery County Counseling Center.

Sabrina Gibb, LGPC at Montgomery County Counseling Center

About Therapist Sabrina Gibb:

Hello, I’m Sabrina Gibb, a licensed graduate professional counselor and psychotherapist in Maryland and DC. I am so happy to have found my therapeutic home with the fantastic team at Montgomery County Counseling Center in Rockville, Maryland!

To me, therapy is a conversation. One in which we explore primarily current (and at times past) challenges that are causing you distress and discomfort. My interactive approach is based on transparency, warmth and collaboration. Together, we will build upon and enhance your strengths. At the same time, I will support you to recognize and transform painful emotions, behavior and dynamics—freeing you to pursue a more fulfilling life and relationships. Ultimately, I believe in your ability to heal and thrive. It is a genuine privilege to work with individuals, couples and families to create more satisfying relationships, positive growth, and lasting change.

“I ensure a safe, non-judgmental space as we develop goals meaningful to YOU. I want to understand your unique history and experience and will adapt our work accordingly. There is no one-size-fits-all therapy.

Education and Experience as a Therapist

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I received my bachelor’s degree in Human Relations from Concordia University, Montreal, in 2004. I spent the following 15 years living and working throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. These experiences inform my culturally adaptive and flexible therapeutic approach. This also sparked my research and clinical interest in highly-mobile families such as those in the humanitarian, military, foreign service, diplomatic or multinational sectors. 

During my MA in Counseling at Webster University, Geneva campus, I worked with the United Nations, World Food Programme. I assessed “staff family wellness” of the humanitarian population, working in high-risk, high-mobility environments. Other graduate clinical experiences include counseling adults in a residential dual-diagnosis substance abuse treatment center, and counseling students, staff and alumni at Webster University.

Since graduating in 2018, I have completed Level 1 and 2 training in Emotion-Focused Therapy and recently completed my initial training in Emotion-Focused Family Therapy. These clinically powerful, evidenced-based approaches easily incorporate other modalities and techniques. I also integrate elements of Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and other relational and somatically-based modalities into my individualized approach.

Areas of Interest

  • Relationship issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life transitions
  • Mobile families: the trailing spouse & living apart-together
  • Work-life balance
  • The Perinatal Period
  • Trauma
  • Young Adults
  • Childhood Attachment & Parenting
  • Disordered Eating

Personal Life

My relocation to the DMV area last year represents our family’s ninth international move! In our downtime, you’ll find us exploring the region, walking our boisterous six-month-old puppy Ollie. And now with COVID, we enjoy many more games and movie nights. I am a huge believer in the value of experiences: traveling to a new city, attempting a new activity or sampling a foreign dish. My guilty pleasures include podcasts and late-night comedy shows. Life really is in the details—I look forward to learning about yours.