Lightening The Load Process Group

Processing Life as a Budding Clinician

You want to prevent isolation as you begin your counseling career.

Sometimes you wonder, “Does this system actually work to help people? Am I the only therapist who feels burnt out already?”

Often, you worry about balancing your emotional, logistical, financial, and clinical needs as a new clinician.

Your struggle to role model work-life boundaries with your clients, taking on too much emotionally or logistically, because you want to help others. But as a result it takes a toll on yourself.

therapist  sitting at a computer experiencing burnout with her hands holding her face signaling distress

Our 8-week summer processing group is perfect for new therapists wanting to explore emotions of entering the counseling field at a time where this work is particularly challenging at a personal level. Newly licensed therapists or current graduate students will benefit from ongoing discussion and processing about how to take care of yourself as you take on the task of taking care of others. This is not group supervision, but rather a place to explore emotions and build social support as a green provider, primarily to support your own mental health needs and, secondarily, to limit interference of burnout in your clinical work!

How Do I Know if this Processing Group is Right for Me?

  • You want to learn self-care strategies for therapists (beyond bubble baths)
  • The mental health system feels overwhelming and/or flawed and yet you still want to be a part of it.
  • You want to prevent and/or repair any burnout from your current role.
  • You don’t know how to protect your energy and want to start early so you can extend your career in the long run.
  • Neither individual therapy nor supervision are getting deep enough into the existential issues of being a care provider.
  • You’re looking to connect with other green therapists who are having similar struggles within the profession.
  • You want to fill the summer scheduling slump with something productive and helpful.
  • You simply want to be a better therapist.

FAQs about the Lightening The Load Processing Group

What Type of Group is This?

This is a closed processing group. Participants commit to attending all 8-weeks. We do not add participants throughout the group. We will limit enrollment to 6 participants to ensure intimacy and cohesion.

Who is Leading This Group?

Lizzy Kosin, LCSW-C, LISCW is leading this experience. Lizzy has first hand experience of navigating many of these questions when she was a green therapist. She also has 5+ years of experience with process group facilitation.

Where will Group Be Held?

We will hold this group virtually on GoogleMeets. You must be physically located in either MD or DC to participate.

What is the Group Schedule?

Group begins the first Wednesday of June which is June 1st, 2022

Group ends the last Wednesday in July which is July 27th, 2022.

Groups will occur every Wednesday from 11am-12pm for 8 weeks, with one week off on July 6th.

How Much Does this group cost?

$50/week ($400 total) if you plan to pay up front or $60/week ($480 total) if you plan to pay weekly.

How You’ll Feel After Attending Our Processing Group

Image of a woman with praying hands in front of a sun, indicating calm
  • More connected to other therapists in the community.
  • Validated in your stresses and concerns about the profession of therapy overall.
  • Less fearful about your future in the helping profession.
  • Less stressed and/or guilty for taking care of yourself.
  • Empowered to navigate the demands of this profession.
  • Confident in your ability to balance those demands with your own needs.
  • Revitalized and ready for the fall schedule pop!

Join Our Lightening The Load Processing Group:

If you are ready to commit to 8 weeks of processing life as a budding therapist, then we invite you to check out our processing group. We’re confident that this group will support you in feeling better both as a human and as a therapist for years to come.

To join this processing group, please follow these steps:

  1. Email us! Reach out and let us know that you are interested! Someone from our intake team will get back to you within 48 hours.
  2. Fill out the registration paperwork and submit your initial payment via credit card or Zelle.
  3. Check your email for a welcome message a week before group begins. Then, prepare to join us for this wonderful learning opportunity.

Other Resources for New Therapists Offered at Montgomery Counseling Center in Rockville and Olney MD

In addition to processing groups, we offer a wide variety of self-growth and learn opportunities for both online and in Olney Maryland and Rockville Maryland. Our services include individual therapy and supervision and consultation opportunities for clinicians seeking their professional license. Contact us to learn more about the many ways we can help you thrive as you enter the counseling field.

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