Layna Teitelbaum

Layna Teitelbaum

Hi, my name is Layna Teitelbaum. I am a high school intern and will be working on media projects at Montgomery County Counseling Center. I’m so excited to be a part of the team, especially a women-owned business that is fostering my own sense of confidence as a woman in the workplace. I will be working to expand our social media platforms as well as create newsletters and graphics.

We are so heavily reliant on technology and social media that we often forget about the need for self care. The media shared by our platforms is a perfect reminder that there are so many resources, like therapy, right at your fingertips.

Education and Experience

I currently attend Northwood High School and am looking to study political communications after I graduate. I have worked on graphic design with a variety of organizations including MCR-SGA, MOCO For Change, and Students4Lynne.

After I graduate, I am hoping to study political communications at George Washington University.

Personal Life

IMG_6078In my personal life, a lot of my time is put towards working with a variety of student-led organizations that work to support and advocate for the student body. I’ve also been playing volleyball for the past four years and continue to do so. When I’m not doing that, l’m with my family and we love to travel, play board games, and watch sports together. Many Friday nights and Sunday mornings are spent watching the Green Bay Packers. Day to day, many of my afternoons are spent with my cat, Aurora, who loves to play fetch and take a good nap together.



Instagram: Layna.Sofia