Individual Therapy

We work with individuals age 12 and up who are experiencing depression, anxiety, difficulties with adjusting to new/changing circumstances, work stress, ADHD and/or executive functioning deficits, mild-to-moderate substance use, and of course relationship concerns. If you feel like your personal life is out of balance, you will have a hard time improving your relationships. Learning emotional coping skills and interpersonal skills at any age is the best set up for future success and prevents more severe problems later in life. There doesn’t even have to be something “wrong” in order to do therapy. Therapy is just as much about personal growth as it is about “fixing” something.

You can contact me by phone or email if you want to explore individual therapy in Rockville MD.


From the first time we met, I felt very comfortable that you were going to listen, be understanding, and genuinely wanted to help me. I feel empowered that by using the tools you taught me, I’m able to handle much of my anxiety on my own. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into your practice!

– Female client, mid-20s