Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Do you or your loved one experience intense emotions? Are more sensitive to emotions? Have a slower return to baseline? Act impulsively in an emotional state? DBT may be right for you.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based model that works well for clients (teens and adults, individuals and families) who feel like they are constantly swinging in and out of intense emotional crises. This type of emotional dysregulation is often seen in through of maladaptive coping behaviors including but not limited to self-harm or suicidal ideation, avoidance (school refusal in kids), panic attacks, impulsivity, unstable relationships, or substance use.

DBT treatment combines a skills training component and a therapy component. In DBT skills training, clients learn new coping skills within a curriculum of four modules: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. In DBT individual therapy, we track emotions and behaviors in order to identify patterns and correlations. Then we figure out the causes [thoughts, emotions, and actions] and learn how to apply new skills next time to reduce the unwanted emotions or behavior and meet your goals more easily.

When seeking DBT treatment, I will first assess the severity of risky behaviors to ensure that outpatient therapy is the appropriate level of care. I will then provide a recommendation for how to proceed with therapy which can be tailored to the clients needs. Some combination of skills training and individual therapy is generally most helpful.

Because DBT is a mindset and way of life, I weave the themes of creating balance between acceptance and change into all into all of the types of therapy that I provide in my practice. I would be very happy to answer questions about DBT and how I apply this to individual, family, our couples therapy . Please contact me for more information.