Couples Counseling

Whether you are experiencing minor tensions or major relationship problems, couples therapy can help. Couples therapy can help with general relationship dissatisfaction, rebuilding trust, frequent disagreements about how to spend time and/or money, sexual intimacy concerns, differences in parenting styles, struggles with in-laws, etc.

Couples often need help addressing the process (the how) of their conflict just as much than the content (the what). With guided help to improve communication skills in relationships, you will be better able to handle any obstacle that could come your way. My ultimate goal is to teach couples to address their relationship problems with healthy tools so that in the long term they can be independent rather than relying on a therapist for solutions indefinitely.

Laura is trained in Level 1 of the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and integrates this as well as some DBT techniques into couples therapy in my Rockville office. For questions or interest about couples therapy, please contact Laura directly.